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Bedok Durian

Freshly Harvested | Premium Quality | Speedy Delivery In 60 minutes

Island wide delivery and free for orders above $100

Natural tree drop and 10 hours to market.

100% to have a free replacement while getting the bad Durians.


Freshness Guaranteed

Durian lovers in Bedok, your favorite durian delivery service is now serving you in Bedok, Singapore. Getting fresh and delicious durian has become easier with, arguably the best durian seller in Singapore. Since we started our durian delivery service here, our durian range has been satisfying our customers.


We are happy to serve durian lovers in Bedok, so if you are looking for a durian shop near Bedok, look no further because we have a physical store here! We can say that this is the best durian shop not only in Bedok but in the whole of Singapore.

What makes us unique is our commitment to honest selling and our passion to provide our customers with the best durian. We believe that durian selling is an art – it’s more than just picking a random durian from a plantation. We carefully select and handpick each and every durian that comes to your door, choosing only the best durians from every batch. The rotten ones are always discarded. While we work hard to ensure the quality of our durians, accidents sometimes happen. In such cases, we encourage customers to contact us and we will do our best to provide a quick one-to-one replacement for any bad durian.

We share all this because we truly care about the durians you consume. So if you are in Bedok, we would be honored if you could give us the opportunity to serve you the durian you deserve.


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