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Orchard Durian

Freshly Harvested | Premium Quality | Speedy Delivery In 60 minutes

Island wide delivery and free for orders above $100

Natural tree drop and 10 hours to market.

100% to have a free replacement while getting the bad Durians.


Freshness Guaranteed

Get ready for a durian feast with our islandwide durian delivery service! Fresh Durian prides itself on offering the widest selection of durians, ensuring you can savor the unique flavors without leaving your home in Orchard.

Our durian menu caters to every taste from the rich and aromatic Musang King to the delectable red prawns. Each durian is carefully selected to guarantee superior quality and taste.

Experience the joy of a durian feast made easy! Our durian delivery service in Singapore eliminates the hassle of traffic and crowded markets. Order online today!


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