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Boon Lay Durian

Freshly Harvested | Premium Quality | Speedy Delivery In 60 minutes

Island wide delivery and free for orders above $100

Natural tree drop and 10 hours to market.

100% to have a free replacement while getting the bad Durians.

Boon Lay

Freshness Guaranteed

Durian lovers, rejoice!  The king of fruits is now just a click away.  Skip the trek to far-off markets and the struggle of carrying heavy durians.  Fresh Durian's islandwide delivery brings Singapore's freshest durians straight to your doorstep, even in Boon Lay.  

Indulge in this tropical delight hassle-free – Fresh Durian makes enjoying durian a breeze. No more long journeys to find the perfect durian – satisfy your sweet tooth or impress guests with a unique treat.  

Order your durian today and experience the convenience of islandwide delivery!


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